On Sun, 2003-06-15 at 14:15, Gene Heskett wrote:

> What version of gimp?  I don't recall running into that. 

Gimp-1.x has had it for years.  It's called the Transform Tool.  Does
Rotation, Scaling, Shearing, and even Perspective transforms.  I used it
most recently to correct keystone distortion on some pictures of
presentation slides.

>  And there is 
> one application where I would love to have the curve generation 
> ability of imagemajick available, that of drawing the 4/3rds earth 
> curvatures for a microwave radio path, where one must mentally plug 
> in the 11 feet per mile curvature when estimating obstruction 
> clearances.  None of the mapping utils (such as MapTech for winderz) 
> in the sub 1000 dollar area give anything but straight line plots to 
> the here to there profile outputs.  And none allow the point to 
> points to be elevated above the terrain to simulate a tower of x feet 
> height.
> The ability to do that curve would no doubt speed up the deployment of 
> 802-11 stuffs into those rural areas where there isn't x customers 
> per square mile to make it profitable and attractive to the VC folks.

As one of those potential customers who lives *waaaaay* out in the
boonies, I'd like to see that, too.  But the curve generation sounds
like something that could be done pretty easily in script-fu.



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