there is a wiki.  please, don't let me make it alone again.

the first thing that i am going to do is put up a FAQ, or a spot for it.

it is moinmoin wiki, and i opted for moin moin because it wasn't as
developed and ready to go as many of them.  it seems to me that perl
works better when it is rewritten in python.  and, people don't complain
so much when asked for python help, and i don't blame them.

also, any minute now, mmmaybe will turn into www.  i don't really care
to hear about how good or bad it is.  i would rather start working on
the new site.  the wiki should be good for this!

please, start making user sections and galleries.  when i got involved
with gimp, it was a small small community, and it was easy (too easy) to
keep an eye on everything.  this just isn't so anymore.

i have been surprised, as a total total user (i really know computers
starting with TheGIMP) how much i showed the developers.  Please show me
here on the wiki, I look at changes *alot*, and help us to build the
wiki itself with your ideas and or better yet plug-ins.  Would be cool
if they were GIMP and wiki plugins also, wikis and blogs lack images,

also, i am going to slap a creative commons share and share alike
license on there, well, gnu documentation for the gimp-help, of course.
well, just be sure to click on the license when i get it there and tell
me if if will work for you.

i need to be careful about babbling on right now.  please take your
ideas, and your art and your SCREAMS and whatever you have to the gimp
wiki.  i will read it.  


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