Gene Heskett <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> The popup when the mouse is over it says "rotation, shearing, scaling, 
> perspective".  But I was unable (and the manpage is something like 
> yet to be written for at least 1/2 of those functions) unable to get 
> it out of the rotation mode and into one of the last 3 modes.  How is 
> this done?  I tried the usual suspects of shift clicking and didn't 
> seem to hit the magic twanger on the other functions.

Double-Click the tool icon in the toolbox to open the tool options
dialog. You should really have this dialog open all the time in order
to make use of the full feature-set of The GIMP.

> Gimp is 1.2.3.

We improved this in GIMP-1.3. I'm sure you would have found the
rotation feature in the CVS version of The GIMP.


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