On Wed, 18 Jun 2003, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Mariusz Sapinski <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> >    i'm working with gimp version from RedHat 9. I got large TIFF files.
> > Since a moment when i'm trying to write down the large file, i got 3 
> > dialog windows with following messages:
> >
> > "save failed"
> >
> > "TIFF Failed scanline write on row 0"
> >
> > "LZW compression in not available due to Unisys pattern enforcement"
> That should probably read Unisys _patent_ enforcement. Thanks to
> Unisys the LZW compression is patented and obviously RedHat decided
> not to include the code in question in their GIMP packages. There
> might be an additional package that adds this functionality, otherwise
> you will have to choose some other compression than LZW in the tiff
> save dialog. If that dialog does not appear when you save the file,
> try to use "Save As".

 What surprises me is that among the 60 files i have to work on, i succeed 
with more than 40, and then i've met the problem. Another problem is 
that with the rest of the files, even if i choose "Save As" option, i 
cannot really save. Some options are off (like jpg), others are not 
(Tiff, uncompressed, as i understand), but if i save to BPM or Tiff
i cannot export it to jpeg after (and jpeg are at the end of the road)...
Maybe i'll try to scan the photos again to jpeg or so.


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