Hi Everyone!

I'm new to the list, but I've been using gimp exclusively now for
several months, and I love it.

The one feature I used to have with photoshop but haven't yet found with
Gimp is a filter called (I might be mis-remembering) Cutout.

It was great for taking my black and white sketches and smoothing them
out to make them look more vector-drawn, as well as filling in any
missed spots. Here's an example:

Before Cutout: http://www.dreslough.com/main/latest/FallGirlandDog-2.png
After Cutout: http://www.dreslough.com/main/latest/FallGirlandDog2.png

What's the equivalent filter for this in Gimp? (I'm sure there is
one...there seems to be an equivalent for everything else I've needed so
far... ;) )

-Dee Dreslough

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