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On Sat, 2003-06-21 at 14:58, Mike Thorn wrote:

Being new to this list and all (just moved over from the gimpwin-users 
list) and being new to Linux, I have a question. I recently upgraded 
from 1.2.4 on Win2Kand Win98 to 1.2.5 on RedHat 8. I'm trying to install 
a plugin (blade-roto.scm, and I can't figure 
it out. Forgive me if this is a stupid question...I found the list 
archives search engine broken.

If anybody can tell me what I have to do with the file let me know. I am 
somewhat familiar with make and all that. BTW, I have GIMP installed in 
/usr/src/gimp-1.2.5/ and I also have another folder (which I am rather 
clueless as to its function) in /home/Irish/gimp-1.2/. On a hunch I 
tried putting the .scm in the /scripts/ directory in both locations and 
restarting GIMP, but no luck. Obviously I'm still a newbie.

If anybody can help me I would really appreciate it!
Hi Mike -

Can you get the GIMP to run at all?  Here's what looks odd to me in your

Thanks for replying. Yes, the GIMP runs flawlessly. I've been able to do everything I was doing before, with the exception of that plugin. I used it and the plugin before under Windows, so I'm fairly familiar with basic GIMPing. 
1.  gimp-1.2.5 in /usr/src  This looks very odd, unless that is the
source tree for gimp-1.2.5.  If that's the case, then cd to that
directory, (/usr/src/gimp-1.2.5) and build and install the binary.  You
will find the instructions in a file named, oddly enough, INSTALL ;).
To summarize the instructions there, you first run ./configure, to build
the makefiles according to your system's capabilities; then make, to
compile the program, and finally, make install, to actually put the
binaries somwhere in your search path.  Note that you'll probably need
to be root to actually perform the install.
Actually, when I installed RedHat (it was off a CD I got from a book out of the library) it installed GIMP 1.2.3. I knew from the gimpwin-users list that 1.2.5 was out, and having had a few big problems with 1.2.4, I figured I would just go straight to 1.2.5. So I downloaded the Linux binaries from and installed them. Being a newbie la grande to Linux I didn't really know what I was doing. I don't remember what prompted me to install GIMP to /usr/src, but that was my choice, not the installer's, as far as I remember.
2.  If /home/Irish is your home directory, you were on the right track
in putting your script somewhere in that tree, but I think you should
have put it in /home/Irish/.gimp-1.2/scripts   Note the . before gimp. 
.gimp-1.2 is the root of your personalized gimp, and lets you add
plug-ins, scripts, patterns, brushes, etc that you can use without
needing root access.  
I've got the hang of the .folder business now. When I discovered that certain files were on ".gnome-desktop" and that directory wasn't showing in a folder, I kind of had a hunch and when I found the "Display hidden files and folders" option in the folder options menu I figured that was it.

So you don't think I should have put it in /plug-ins, but in /scripts? Let me try that real quick here...

Anyway, try these suggestions, restart the GIMP, and you should see your
script somewhere in the menus, probably under Image/Script-fu/.....  
wherever it registered itself.

Good luck and good gimping!

Mike Thorn
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