>> Sven:
>> Appending ps-menurc to menurc won't work (who on earth told you to try
>> this?). You need to replace ~/.gimp-1.2/menurc with ps-menurc. Please
>> note that the bindings are partly out-of-date. We'd appreciate a patch
>> that updates the keybindings but although I keep asking for this for
>> some years now, no Photoshop user has yet provided us an updated
>> version of this file.
> I'd be happy to update it.  I use Gimp and Photoshop (mostly Gimp) at
> work, and have been regularily updating my keyboard shorts in the Gimp to
> resemble PS.  The only problem is we're at PS 5.0 (not the latest 7.0).
> Would that be good enough?


I've finally had a moment to make up a new ps-menurc (I called it
It's based on Photoshop 6.

And here's a page detailing which shortcuts I did.

The page isn't quite done yet, but if anyone has any criticisms, etc., I'd
like to hear them.

Eric Pierce

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