[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2003-07-01 at 1953.26 -0300):
> hmm.. I think I will just write a Python plugin for drwaing the  hexes 
> straight into The Gimp. It seens that people like it at all.

A special purpose filter would be nice, like the Grid or Checkerboard
ones; a lot if it does not show the "small" size limits of Mosaic (see

> And yes, when I first designed this script, it was also for drawing a
> board for a game. :-)

There is another way to do hexagons (discovered it while trying to
make surfaces with holes in hex pattern): Mosaic filter with white
layer as input, set Tile Neatness to 1.0, Tile Spacing to the line
thickness you want, Tile Height to 1.0 and Color Variation to 0.0.
Sadly, max size is 100 pixels.

For the curious, after getting the basic shape, some blur+levels
iterations and you get round holes. I have the script if anybody wants
it (Perl one working, Scheme translation not finished :[ ).

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