On Thursday 26 June 2003 14:17, Khiraly Kalman wrote:
> Hi!
> Im trying to reproduce some photoshop tutorial in gimp. Im stoned at
> this tutorial:
> http://www.deviantart.com/tutorial/529467
> i have no idea how to do STEP 10 in GIMP, does anyone have some idea?

that is pretty neat, had a go myself but changed it around a bit at the 
end. step ten _is_ tricky and i couldn't get it exactly either but if you 
goto filters/lighting effects and chose 'create new image' and then click 
on the 'light' tab and chose light type 'point' and dark blue as colour 
and postions; x=0.40, y=0.10 and z=0.25 and then click on the material 
tab and check that ambient is 0.40, diffuse 1.00 you should get a fairly 
accurate if washed out similar effect. 
you can then play around with lightness/contrast to make it a bit more 
like on the tutorial (and maybe someone even knows how to do it better, 
but that's what i did. i then bumpmapped this new image with the one 
indicated in the tutorial. filter/map/bumpmap, selecting linear map and 
playing around with the levels until it looked the same or similar to the 
one on the tutorial and then dragged this new image onto the old one as a 
new layer.
i didn't like the blood bit much so made mine transparent.


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