I'm totally lost with fonts in 1.3.15.  

Here's what I know:

* The text tool has a button for open, a button for clear, and a couple
of buttons to indicate the direction of the text.  There's also the text

* There is a font dialog where I can see an "Aa" example of the fonts
plus a quote in that font once I roll over a font label with the mouse.

My problems are that:

* I cannot change the color of the font, regardless of how I set my
foreground color.
* I cannot change the size of the font.
* I don't seem to be able to actually change the font at all, although I
can highlight a font in the font dialog.
* Getting the text to appear on the image, even assuming the default
font in black, is inconsistently successful.

I've been using the earlier Gimp 1.x.x series for a few years now, so I
know my way around Gimp fairly well.  I'm pretty much all googled out
with this problem.  I'm running Gnome 2.2 off of the recent Ximian
Desktop 2 updates.  Could I just have a bum generic font widget from
that?  I feel like I taking crazy pills here.  Has anyone else run into


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