"Joao S. O. Bueno" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> could someone explain to me what is the idea of "mnemonics"
> in GTK2 / GIMP 1.3 ?
> All I had seen until now is that some keys are reserved and cannot be
> used as dinamic shortcuts, and that the space bar serve as a temporary
> call to the move tool. I do not even know if this feature is related
> to the mnemonics.

The "space bar pushes Move tool" feature is completely unrelated.
Mnemonics are a way to quickly access menus as well as widgets by
keypresses. You will find a coupld of underlined characters in the 1.3
user interfaces. These are mnemonics. Pressing Alt-<char> will
activate the associated widget. If multiple widgets with the same
mnemonic exist (which should only rarely be the case), only the focus
will move to the first widget, subsequent key presses cycle through
the widgets that share a mnemonic key.

Was that clear enough?


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