I used the default GIF settings, which specied 255 colors I believe.  I
also tried a "custom web palette" which resulted in the same behavior.




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When it is being saved as GIF, is it being done with the optimal color
palette (with 256 colors) or is it using the websafe color palette?

As I recall, websafe results in poor quality / jagged edges on fonts.


>Hi!  I'm creating a GIF image with a colored background and some colored
>text.  I'm using gimp 1.2.4 on Windows 2000.  Here is what I do:
>1.  Load an existing GIF that I want to modify (since it already has the
>desired background)
>2.  Create a new layer and fill with FG color
>3.  Select the background layer and use the "eye dropper" to select the
>background color
>4.  Select the new layer (with the FG color fill) and use the "Fill tool"
>to fill this layer with the desired background color
>5.  Create a new transparent layer
>6.  Select the background layer (bottom most layer) and use the "eye
>dropper" to select the color of the text in the background layer
>7.  Select the transparent layer
>8.  Use the dynamic text tool to render my desired text in the desired
>color using the "Monotype Corsiva" Windows font
>9.  At this point, the image looks PERFECT and the text is smooth and has
>no "jagged" edges or anything
>10.  Click <image>/File/Save As, I specify "By Extension" as the type and
>save the image with a ".gif" file extension. I merge all visible layers
>the GIF is created.
>Now, when I view the newly created GIF, the text has jagged edges and is
>not smooth like it was when I first rendered it.  Any ideas on what's
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