"Christopher Gateley" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I am a relatively new GIMP user and am having trouble with getting the
> export format that I need for my image. What I need is something
> similar to the C-Source export option but with a few changes. First
> off I need it to be an array of longs not chars. Second I need it to
> be hexadecimal. Third I need it to be RGBA.
> Something like this:
> //image is 256 by 256 pixels
> unsigned long image[256*256] = {
> #xff000000, #xff000000, //etc...
> }

I don't think there's a plug-in that can generate this format.

> Does anyone know a program that can do this? If not, does anyone know
> how to change the GIMP itself exports the image?

It should not be hard to modify the c-source plug-in to do this job.

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