Geoffrey <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I thought I was going crazy on this one, cause I could have sworn that
> this was possible, yet I could not find it in my current install of
> 1.2.3 gimp on SuSE 8.2.
> I know I have used such a facility before.  I fired gimp up on my Red
> Hat box, and sure enough, the right click menu has the 'guides'
> option, which presents the 'guide grid' option which does exactly (I
> think) what you're looking for.  You get a dialog that asks for: x
> spacing, y spacing, x offset, y offset.
> Now the question is, where'd it go on 1.2.3 on my SuSE box?

The feature you are talking about is a hack that uses guides to work
around the lack of a real grid in 1.2. It is implemented as a
gimp-perl script. Most probably your SuSE installation is missing

BTW: You should really, really update to 1.2.5.


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