[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2003-07-16 at 1200.02 +0100):
> minute gimp can still handle to bits and pieces i'm doing. i need a 
> script to convert x amount of png files into a single xcf file, is that 
> possible ? also xaos outputs three types of file, png (raw image i think) 

You should try GAP's filters. Make sure your sequence has a naming
scheme like foo_0001.png, foo_0002.png, etc and then use Frames to
Image to put all the files as layers of a new one.

In worst case, you will have to use a shell script to rename your
files to something GAP likes.

> which isn't ideal, i would like to work with these files and obvioulsy
> opening them one by one in gimp is considering the amount niegh
> impossible.

GAP has a navigator and lets you apply a filter multiple times. Maybe
you do not have to load all the image into a XCF. Really, you should
give GAP a try, it sounds like want you want. That, and read mencoder
and ImageMagick's docs more, for small editing and compression you
should have enough.

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