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> Farmiliar with Filters > Render > Gfig... > Display Grid ???
> how can i get such a grid on a normal image?
> Further would be cool if i could get x and y axis's plotted all the way 
> to the middle.
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I didn't think about how complex to make this when I wrote it, but there
is a grid shape option in GFXShapes in the new Graphics Muse Tools.  It
will draw simple grids with up to 27 lines vertically and horizontally
inside a bounding box, then let you scale the bounding box for your
image.  Not very useful for accurate grids or non-square layers, but
interesting for artistic uses.  I suppose if there were interest I could
try and make it do more stuff, but theres been very little interest so

For your case, the Guide Grid Perl script used with the guides To
Selection script are probably more useful.  Create the grid of guides
first, then convert them to a selection.  Finally, use Edit->Stroke to
draw the grid.
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