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Mike Thorn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

When I used 1.2.4 there was a pluginto make sky patterns with. It had
colorpickers for things like clouds, shadows, sun, horizon, etc. That
was all well and good, but I can't find it now in 1.2.5 and of course
now I want it. What happened to it? Was it taken out and made into an
optional plugin? Or did I miss something?

We didn't take any plug-ins out in the 1.2 series nor did we add any. We also did not move any plug-ins or scripts in the menus.

Hmm, very odd. Actually, I was using the windows port or 1.2.4. Does that matter?

It was listed under Filters | Render | Clouds.

Thanks for the help,

Mike Thorn
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