Andrew Langdon-Davies wrote:
> I know there's already been a lot of discussion on this subject and I've 
> read pages and pages, but I'm still unclear. I realise that just about all 
> recent browsers support PNGs. But, is it or is it not possible for IE (v. 
> 5, for example) to correctly display a PNG with a fully transparent 
> background so that anything behind it shows through? My PNGs are OK in 

Yes. To do so, you need to make sure that your png is saved as an
indexed image, rather than rgb (which png supports, but gif
doesn't - this is why when you save as gif, you get a dialog
asking you if it's OK to index the image sometimes).

To do this, go into the Image->Mode menu, and select Indexed as
the mode of the image. Then choose a palette to use (automatic is
usually OK), and save as png as you do normally.

The GIMP's png support is limited somewhat by its core support
for indexed images - you can have one index entry completely
transparent, but partial transparency (which is supported by png)
is not supported for indexed images in the gimp.


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