Hi all,

Just wanted to give ye a quick update on the triage of
un-milestoned bugs in the run-up to the 2.0 feature freeze.

Thanks to the help of Maurits Rijk, Tino Schwarz and Alan Horkan, 
there are now only 200 outstanding bugs to be filtered, compared to 
the 361 yesterday.

However, I have to admit I'm a little disappointed by the
take-up. I was hoping that a few more brave souls would volunteer
an hour or two of their time to work through a few of these bugs.
The link to the list is still http://makeashorterlink.com/?S1DF64A55

I really cannot emphasise how much this would help, so please, if
you can spare a few minutes, follow the link and head on over to
Bugzilla. Thank you.

Also, there has been one small hiccup, so I'd like to re-iterate
the guidelines (which are a bit vague, I know) which I laid out
yesterday. The objective is to have everything with a milestone
of "--" milestoned to one of 1.3.x, 2.0 or Future.

1) Anything which is a defect in a feature already present in
the 1.3 series should be marked with the milestone 2.0. Bugs in
general are not blockers for a feature freeze.

Exceptions to this rule are critical or major bugs which cause the 
application to crash. These should at least be considered before we 
start doing pre-releases for a stable release, and should be 
milestoned 1.3.x.

2) Anything which is a feature which is important (where
important means that the lack of the feature would be a major
pain for some people) should be milestoned 1.3.x

3) Any other feature should be milestoned Future.

This includes features which require lots of coding in the core,
or features which are fuzzy and aspirational (good examplea are
bug # 104631 - allow dynamic resizing of brushes, or bug # 6893,
Improve support for Vector Graphics - both these should be
milestoned to Future).

When we're down to 20 or 30 features that haven't been
milestoned, we can start trying to find people to implement them.

Actually, Tino Schwarz paraphrased the guidelines pretty well in
a mail to me earlier - he said:
  To paraphrase this: 1.3.x means "needs to go in before feature
  freeze because it's an important feature", 2.0 means "real bug, 
  should be fixed after feature freeze, but before release" and 
  Future means "we don't care for 2.0"

So that's about it.

As before, if anyone is having trouble with permissions in
Mozilla, get onto me personally explaining the problem, and I
will sort you out.

Happy GIMPing,


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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