Hello ML,
some fonts are not filled with an solid color, but have regular
gradient patterns instead. (I could send a screenshot to the list, but
maybe this problem is already known). These fonts are: Charter,
Helvetica, Lucida, New Century Schoolbook etc. whereas other fonts
like the BitStream-fonts are displayed correctly.

I also want to use the artwiz fonts in gimp. What do I have to change?

BTW: All fonts are displayed correctly in xfontsel.
Which font-interface does gimp use? Xft and/or the xfree one?

These questions might have been already asked, but htdig seems to be
misconfigured, so that I can'l search the archives.

        Florian Huber

My setup:
gentoo with
linux 2.6.0-test1
gcc 3.3
xfree 4.3.0
xft 2.1.0
gimp 1.3.16
no xfs (font server)
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