[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2003-07-25 at 1633.12 +0100):
> I think I've found a bug with the sobel filter. However before I fill a bug
> report I'd like to know if it is just specific to the windows version. Can
> people on Linux reproduce this:

I think it is due the way pixels are initialized. Transparent has
colour, just not shown. ;]

Use unerase to see the colour, instead of sobel. In first case you get
the old area in white, then grow area in black. In second case all is
black. New area created by layer to image size is black, and text
function fills all with FG, and just does the heavy work in the alpha

Lots of code has to be reviewed and checked for this kind of problems,
But what do you do in text and grow cases? Fill with BG a pixel away
from text limit? Fill with black? You have to fill with something, the
RGB part of RGBA can not have a "undefined" (blame computers ;] ). In
sobel case, probably check Alpha channel to avoid operation in
transparent areas (supposing it makes sense and can be done), but that
is a different thing than text and grow operations.

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