Mogens Jęger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I just downloaded the new version, and I have managed to get all working.
> But I have one - for me anyway - major complaint. In the 1.2 series of
> the Gimp, it was possible to change the shortcuts/keyboard
> assignments, so that the features you were using the most, has the
> easyest keys.
> Or is there a way to change it - I mean in the 1.2 you just found the
> function in the menu, pressed your wanted hotkey, and it worked -
> simple and genius.

You can enable Dynamic Keyboard Shortcuts in the Preferences Dialog.

> Why has that been changed.

The default in GTK+ changed and we agreed that Dynamic Shortcuts are
dangerous. Especially with the newly added mnemonics it happens
frequently that you reassign keybindings accidentally. We recommened
you enable the feature only when needed, do the changes and disable it

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