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> restored for the next session. ( And I don't think that many users really use 
> mnemonics,
> The main use of mnemonics is probably when you use the tablet instead of the mouse )

Maybe that's because there were no mnemonics in GIMP till now. Note that
you can use the mnemonics as shortcuts and you will not run out of key
combinations. You can now do Shift+F10,I,M,I to index an image;
Shift+F10,L,C,C to get to the curves dialog etc. You can even get rid of
the rather obscure Shift+F10 combo by making the menubar visible on the
image windwo and using Alt instead. 

The clash with dynamic shortcut assignment lies in a situation where you
press a mnemonic key, but a key shortcut gets assigned to the current
menu item instead. Yes it sucks, but I'd rather not have mnemonics not
implemented because of dynamic shortcuts. I like both fuctions and I
hate they clash. If someone has a better solution/implementation that
would be sweet. I'm greatful for the current solution, since it is still
nicer to use dynamic shortcuts than some obscure complicated shortcut
editor or messing this an rc file.


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