A suggestion for the Gimp cropping tool dialog: 

I would like to be able to pre-set an aspect ratio and then, as one
dragged the mouse in the guestimated direction of the diagonal of the
cropping rectangle the mouse pointer would move along the actual
diagonal so that the rectangle maintains a constant aspect ratio while
being dragged. It would not be necessary to do this with continuous
great accuracy so long as at the end of the drag any necessary small
correction is made and the rectangle is drawn accurately to the specified
aspect ratio and its dimensions displayed in the dialog in the usual way. 

How would the user set it? perhaps a new item, 'Aspect %', in the menu under
the 'px' button. - So minimal change to the present dialog. The on-line help
would explain that this meant width/height.

Why do I want it? I use this to crop out thumbnail images, which in my case
always have fixed dimensions. The resizing that follows the initial cropping
is easily automated (mogrify) but to get the aspect ratio right at present
means  1)Drag out estimated rectangle, 2) Enter its dimensions into calculator
and divide, 3)Decide whether to increase or decrease width or height and

To minimize image degradation I like to complete the cropping operation in
one edit and then do the rescaling.

The use of totally automated thumbnail extraction, i.e. all thumbnails being
scaled down copies of the original images, is just not tolerable for me. 
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