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David Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> There is a workaround which allows you to do exactly this. You
> use the rect select tool with either fixed size or with the ratio
> you're interested in (for example, when I take photos with my
> camera, they're 2048x1572, and I crop them to the ratio 13x11 for
> printing, or sometimes I just set a fixed size of 1820x1540
> (which is the same ratio) and position the rectangular selection
> afterwards to frame the photo as I want. 
> Then use the Crop tool and click the "From selection" button to
> have the crop markers align automatically to the rectangular
> selection you just made. You have a crop at an exact proportion,
> but you have to pass by the Select tool first. The handy thing
> about the selection tools is that you can use Alt (or Ctrl-Alt)
> to move them around. Of course, the pain is that you can't resize
> them once they're made.
Another way is to reduce the canvas image size then to move the layer 
in the image. Finally you can resize (or not) the layer size at the
image size. (explain in french in the new gimp hs of linuxmag) 

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