David Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> There is a workaround which allows you to do exactly this. You
> use the rect select tool with either fixed size or with the ratio
> you're interested in (for example, when I take photos with my
> camera, they're 2048x1572, and I crop them to the ratio 13x11 for
> printing, or sometimes I just set a fixed size of 1820x1540
> (which is the same ratio) and position the rectangular selection
> afterwards to frame the photo as I want. 
> Then use the Crop tool and click the "From selection" button to
> have the crop markers align automatically to the rectangular
> selection you just made. You have a crop at an exact proportion,
> but you have to pass by the Select tool first.

In gimp-1.3 you can crop the bounding-box of the selection using the
new menu entries Image->Crop Image or Layer->Crop Layer. If you set
keybinding for those the rect-select tool can be nicely used as a
better crop tool.

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