Bertie Coopersmith wrote:

Thanks for telling me this. (I am not very gui-intuitive.) Now I see
what you were talking about. However, unless there is yet another setting
that I missed, the behaviours of the rectangular selection tool and the
cropping tool are significantly different. I need all the aspects of the
cropping tool with its ability to make incremental adjustments but with
the one additional feature - constant aspect ratio - that I described in this thread's initial posting. Its the only way, for example that I can
crop out one person's face from a group without cutting off a chin or an
ear at one extreme or getting too wide a view at the other, and still end
up with the correct aspect ratio ready for resizing to my standard thumbnail,
say 96x72 pixels. The only way, that is, apart from what I do now with the
aid of a pocket calculator.

Regards, Bertie.

Just make a rectangular selection of the portion you would crop -
fixing the size/aspect ratio int he tool options and holding shift.
Then, click on the crop,select a random area, and click on the "from selection" buttom on ther crop-confirm dialog.

(BTW, do not credit me on this answer, I am just summing up what has been around on this thread)



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