> Not at all, Eric!
> I like my script, mostly because I can always write others to perform
> like tasks.
Where did you learn how to write ps like that?  I'd love to learn a little
bit myself.  Are there any good websites or books that you recommend?
Have you ever messed around with xml/svg scripting?  I'd like to get into
that as well.  Too bad it's not widely supported in common browsers.

> But... I am just AMAZED by the grid + polar_coord trick.
Yeah, that one works great too.  A nice internal method for pulling off
the radial lines.

> I bet we could just create a "GIMP PUZZLE CONTEST" .
> The most incredible, and yet feasible, way to draw
> "fnord" in the GIMP wins.
Hey, good idea!  (just learned what 'fnord' is or isn't?) And then each
winner's technique could be added to a cool little Fnord repository of
short little tutorials (or even script-fu).  If I can muster up some time,
we could propose something along these lines to the world.  I could
even host it on my webspace or maybe gimp.org would let us host it there.

> (And any postscript would be left out of
> such a contest - it's not made with the GIMP after all)
> Does "photoshop"  have got an easier way to draw these
> "Simple Radial Lines" ?
I don't know.  I work with a guy who uses Photoshop, and when I described
wanting to make some radial lines for an ad, he thought there might be a
way in Photoshop, but I beat him to the punch w/your script.

> I remember using Deluxe Paint, in DOS - and there,
> there was a "symetric mode" one could enable - every stroke was
> mirrored N times around a common center, or in tiles, and this drawing
> could be made using that.
> Actually, Deluxe Paint, for simple it was, had some features that are
> not found around in any other program.
Hmm... could be a cool plug-in for Gimp.  I wish I knew C.

Good chatting,
Eric Pierce
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