In the Gimp web site at there is a "Plugin Examples" 
link.  That link is broken.  Does anyone have any examples on how to write plugins?

Also,   I want to use Gimp to render GIF Graphics on the fly.   Gimp would run on the 
server,  and data stored on the server would hopefully be used to render histograms, 
pie charts,  etc and dished out to people visiting the site.

The web server doesn't have any graphics stuff on it at all,   and I'm hoping that I 
can use Gimp to render images (without displaying them - except on visitor's browsers).

Can Gimp be used for this purpose?   If so,  then where can I find example code that 
does this.   By the way,  I'm using the Python Gimp Modules,  and prefer to find the 
code in Python,  but I can accept it in C.   Usually Python parallels C pretty closely.


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