On Fri, 8 Aug 2003, Jonathan Bartlett wrote:

> I'm looking for public-domain photography and drawings.  Not just
> royalty-free, because I'm wanting to include them in a collection
> (although it could be creative-commonsly licensed).  Does
> anyone know where such a repository might be?  Would anyone be interested
> in contributing if I were to start one?
> My main purpose is coming up with a set of GIMP-scripts to make
> communication boards for children with speech problems, and I need a large
> archive of pictures to be able to include.  However, I think open-source
> images (not just royalty-free) are also very much needed for a variety of
> reasons.
If any of the images at my web site are of interest you are welcome to go ahead
and do so. I would appreciate an email if you do.
Also if you want the original, not the one on the web site, say so. All those on
my web site have been shrunk for bandwidth purposes.


Alf Stockton    www.stockton.co.za

He was a fiddler, and consequently a rogue.
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