On Tue, 2003-08-05 at 22:52, Timothy E. Jedlicka - wrk wrote:
> I've tried some of the cropping plug-ins but either I don't understand how to 
> use them, or they don't do what I want.
> I have a "full frame" photo that I want to prepare for printing.  The photo is 
> 2x3 aspect ratio(so lets say 2000x3000 pixels).  I want to print it
> at 3.5x5 (inches or 2000x2857 pixels). I want to position the 
> crop in the photo - i.e. in landscape I want to eliminate a few pixels 
> from the left and a few from the right.
> This isn't too hard to do with the current tools (could be easier), but
> lets say I want to crop just a face out of a photo of 3 people, but keep a 
> 3.5x5 aspect ratio - I would like to be able to slide the crop frame around 
> and see how it would look with 2 faces, or all 3,...
> Ideally I set an aspect ratio, and then can resize the crop frame on the fly 
> while I decide on the best composition just by sliding the corner of the 
> frame.  Any ideas of an easy way to do this?

There is an enhancement request for this already:


What you can do is to use the rect-select tool which allows to set an
aspect ratio and then crop the selection.


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