Hi Bill,

On Mon, Aug 18, 2003 at 02:08:57PM -0500, Bill Lee wrote:
> I have seen instances where an extra space is inserted where it made no 
> sense. I found that many browsers will consider the "eol" after <a ...> 
> to be a space that must be included in the output. I see from your 
> source code that you have the structure
>       <a ....>
>       <img ....>
>       </a>
> all on separate lines.
> Try putting it all on one (admittedly ugly) line with no extra spaces:
>       <a ...><img ....></a>

That's really weird... but it seems to work.
Another weird thing is that it works on Mozilla, but not on IE.  Now, if I 
do the same for the <td> tags:

   <td><a ...><img ...></a></td>

It seems to work on both Mozilla and IE.

I'm not confortable with my pages depending on this kind of Voodoo magic.  
I'll try out a few more browsers before I declare victory.

Now, the amazing thing is that this even even works for Netscape 4.8!
(I had given up on supporting it correctly).  So I'm hopeful that this 
will work out.

Thanks again.
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