On Monday 18 August 2003 4:27 pm, Daniel Carrera wrote:
> That's really weird... but it seems to work.
> Another weird thing is that it works on Mozilla, but not on IE. 
> Now, if I do the same for the <td> tags:
>    <td><a ...><img ...></a></td>

I solve that putting the closing ">" for a tag on a newline, and 
leaving no white spaces before the next "<[tag] ...">
<td><a ...><img ...

Does the job!

Just to bring it back on topic: Gimp's Perlotine plugin could add the 
"border='0'" part on the img tags at no cost. If someone will create 
the patch and correctly post it at the Gimp Bugzilla page in a few 
hours, everybody will be happy.



> It seems to work on both Mozilla and IE.
> I'm not confortable with my pages depending on this kind of Voodoo
> magic. I'll try out a few more browsers before I declare victory.
> Now, the amazing thing is that this even even works for Netscape
> 4.8! (I had given up on supporting it correctly).  So I'm hopeful
> that this will work out.
> Thanks again.

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