Hi Walter -

Script-fu is, as you know, a bastard dialect of Scheme, which is a Lisp
variant.  One of the problems in writing script-fu is finding a good
reference manual for the Gimp's scheme implementation.  Another is
finding examples of good script-fu code.

You can find the scheme documents at
(Note that the GIMP doesn't have all the functions listed in this
manual, but it's close enough to work).

For examples of script-fu in use, look at the scripts that come with the
GIMP:  $PREFIX/gimp/1.2/scripts/ or
where $PREFIX is the path to your gimp installation (usually /usr or

There are several references to script-fu tutorials on the gimp.org
website as well.

And there is also a script-fu group on yahoo:
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For writing scripts yourself, I would recommend starting with gimp-1.2.5
(the current stable version), and utililzing the PDB Explorer to help
you figure out what arguments each function requires.  I usually have it
open in one window while I'm writing my script in an adjacent emacs
window (YMMV).  I find that the PDB Explorer is a real help, telling me
what kinds of arguments, how many, and in what order.

You should also look at the scripts that came with our gimp
distribution. That is particularly useful for learning certain idioms
(like the quickest way to anchor a floating selection, etc.)

Feel free to mail me if you have more questions.


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