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> hi.

>    I made a heightfield in terraform for which I need a texture(s) and 
> wondering if someone can assist me with a technique to possibly load a 
> output from terraform ( if possible) into gimp ?( Ive tried exporting to 
> tga/bmp but those do not provide a 3d heightfield to make a texture from 
> ) ,,,that one,-would give me a 3d representation of it ( a actual 3d 
> rep. like i'd have in terraform with 3dview 'on' ) so I could then 
> 'two'..-   paint over it for my textures on 'specific' areas of the  
> terrain ie: rock faces etc. etc...there are apps in windows that do this 
> ( T2 and terragen I think?) but I"d like to do this in linux if possible..
You can export the 3D view from Terraform to Gimp and then paint on it.
Do File >Export >View >To Gimp. But of course it's a static view in Gimp
you can not move the terrain. 
Terraform can export the heightfield but there is no way to export some kind 
of texture. All the texture used by Terraform to create an image from 
Edit >Scene Options are made with POV-Ray scripts that you can find in 
/usr/local/share/terraform/include/earth_textures. There is a more
recent CVS version with new textures at 

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