Shooting IR using a Hoya 72A I get a good amount of false colour in the images,
and by decomposing RGB and recomposing BGR the sky gets a nice blue cast to it
and makes the image look better.  

I took apart another script and experimented around and came up with the script
at the bottom.  This is for gimp 1.3.18, not sure if older versions have
different arguments.

I also run auto levels on the images when I'm done, but so far it looks like this
is not possible from Script-fu.  Any updates on there?  At least now I just push
two buttons instead of decompose, compose, pick images, etc.  


(define (script-fu-irchannelswap inImage inLayer)

(let* ((width (car (gimp-drawable-width inLayer)))
(height (car (gimp-drawable-height inLayer))) )

(set! new-image-red (car (plug-in-decompose 1 inImage inLayer "Red")))
(set! new-image-green (car (plug-in-decompose 1 inImage inLayer "Green")))
(set! new-image-blue (car (plug-in-decompose 1 inImage inLayer "Blue")))
(set! new-image-bgr (car (plug-in-compose 1 new-image-blue inLayer new-image-green 
ge-red new-image-red "RGB")))
(gimp-display-new new-image-bgr)
(gimp-image-delete new-image-red)
(gimp-image-delete new-image-green)
(gimp-image-delete new-image-blue)


"<Image>/Script-Fu/Enhance/IR Channel Swap"
"Channel Swap and Auto Levels"
"Walter Francis"
"copyright 2003, Walter Francis"
SF-IMAGE "The Image" 0
SF-DRAWABLE "The Layer" 0

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