"Joao S. O. Bueno" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> In the GIMP, while it is not possible to make such a ssue to the right 
> mouse button, there could, and IMO should,  be a fast keystroke 
> (mnemonic?) to swap BG and FG. It is great for a couple of fancy 
> effects to be able to quicly switch between fg/bg without moving the 
> cursor.

Swapping FG/BG is per default bound to X (has been in 1.2 already).
This is indeed an essential keybinding.

> Youa re late on this. It´s possible for one to dinamically assing hot 
> keys to anything on the GIMP menus. Just go for it...hover the cursor 
> over your menu option, and press the hotkey you wnat there. 
> This, IMO is what make the GIMP more dinamically than Photshop and 
> clones band, as I mentioned above. 

I am sorry but I don't think you cannot assign keybindings to the
layer or paint mode menus.

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