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> [Gimp-user] Multi-Page Banner (i.e. one image printed to multiple
> physical pages) Date: Yesterday 12:54:40 am
> From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Allan Wind)
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> I was trying (on Debian/Linux) to create a multi-page banner, you
> know ~2000 px letters running over multiple physical pages, however
> gimp seem to scale my page down to the media size (letter).  Any
> ideas how to pull this one off without resorting to splitting
> things manually?

Try this, if avaliable:

Save your image in the GIMP, open it in Open Office,  by inserting it 
on an empty Open Office drawing document. (insert->graphics).
Zoom out, and scale your image up to the desired size.
On open office print dialog box, click on the options button at the 
lower left corner. There is an option to tile the image.

Good printing. I hope we can see tiled printing on the GIMP anytime 
soon. I don't know if it is ont he enhacement requests, is it?



> /Allan


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