As it works with (seemingly) all forms of *nix, I think the problem may be an OS conversion problem, but the following is only a guess. On my Windows 98 box, none of the graphics show up correctly in Opera 6.05 or Netscape 7.0, but almost all show up in IE 6 (gasp, IE seems to actually be MORE compatible for once). My guess is that it could be that you're creating these images on a *nix box, and then someone viewed them with Windows or a Mac, and the difference between the newline characters (or some other such oddity between the OSes) made the images not work.

And when viewing the jpg of the logo, all of the browsers generate a parse error when loading the image. I've never seen a parse error on an image, I didn't know that could happen.

But to actually help, it would be useful to know why you think that these images don't work properly.

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