Hi. I'm looking at the gimprc file and wondering how GIMP handles gamma.

# Set the gamma correction values for the display
#  1.0 corresponds to no gamma correction.  For most displays,
#  gamma correction should be set to between 2.0 and 2.6
#  Run the utility "gamma_correct" to determine appropriate values
#  for your display.
# One important item to keep in mind:  Many images that you might
#  get from outside sources will in all likelihood already be
#  gamma-corrected.  In these cases, the image will look washed-out
#  if the gimp has gamma-correction turned on.  If you are going
#  to work with images of this sort, turn gamma correction off
#  by removing this line, or setting the values to 1.0.
#  gamma-correction 1.0
#  gamma-correction 2.0
(gamma-correction 1.0)

This came from a GIMP 1.2.3 Windows gimprc.

Setting a gamma value of 2.2 or 1.0 in gimprc had no visible effect. How is
this feature enabled?

Is there a gamma setting somewhere in the preferences dialog?

Where is the gamma_correct tool mentioned in gimprc?


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