Thanks for the previous messages.

Fonts that showed up in my font list but showed "not available" were in a
fonts.dir file in the directory but not actually in the directory. I
removed the offending lines from the fonts.dir file, and all is well (in
that area.) It was telling me the truth--the selected font was not

However.....I have gotten my font list to the level I want. But some fonts
display an extra character (an @) at the front of the list (when displayed
in Dynamic  Text.) So instead of the list looking like:


It says:


Which makes every letter one off. Want an A? Type a B. Want a U? Type a V!
That sure doesn't help the touch typist. This is only true for some fonts;
others display accurately. It is not true for all the fonts in a directory,
some within the directory work fine, some do not. But they all used to work

This is pretty mysterious. Any ideas?

Jim Clark

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