I installed gfontview (thanks Natalie) and the troubled and confused fonts
display the test sentence accurately. Go figure.

Jim Clark

Thanks for the previous messages.

Fonts that showed up in my font list but showed "not available" were in a
fonts.dir file in the directory but not actually in the directory. I
removed the offending lines from the fonts.dir file, and all is well (in
that area.) It was telling me the truth--the selected font was not

However.....I have gotten my font list to the level I want. But some fonts
display an extra character (an @) at the front of the list (when displayed
in Dynamic  Text.) So instead of the list looking like:


It says:


Which makes every letter one off. Want an A? Type a B. Want a U? Type a V!
That sure doesn't help the touch typist. This is only true for some fonts;
others display accurately. It is not true for all the fonts in a directory,
some within the directory work fine, some do not. But they all used to work

This is pretty mysterious. Any ideas?

Jim Clark

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