Mark Rubin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> For me, the most important feature of filmgimp/cinepaint is the
> support for greater than 8 bits per color component (16 bit integer
> and 32 bit floating point).

Hear, hear!
This is the only reason I have filmgimp on my system - the ability to
edit 16-bit files from my cameras prior to doing final 8-bit work in
I would be very happy if I didn't have to use filmgimp for this, as (has
been indirectly pointed out) the interface is rather old-fashioned.  The
first problem is it doesn't have a drag-n-drop interface similar to that
used by gimp-remote (which I use for passing files to the Gimp from my
database) and goes on from there.
David Burren
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