Eric Pierce wrote:
> >> Robin, there is really no point in being personally offended here.
> >
> > Sven, no need to apologize. I said I wasn't offended.
> So the merge is on?

Perhaps, a year ago, if someone had proposed re-merging the extra
colordepth code from cinepaint into the gimp, with the idea that
it would eventually be replaced by gegl post-2.2, it might have
happened for 2.0. However, that didn't happen, and as we can see
there has now been some personal animosity (if not offense) that
has built up between the 2 projects (or at least, between key
people on the two projects). 

It definitely is not something that's on the cards before 2.0, and 
2.2 should be a stabilising release with some feature additions,
but nothing as major as a code merge from a project which
actually doesn't share that much code with us any more from what
I can see... if we were to attempt such a merge, it would
definitely delay 2.2, and would thus delay the merging of gegl
into the GIMP (which is due to happen, if all goes well, after

Given that, I'd say it's unlikely. 


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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