Joao S. O. Bueno wrote:

On Friday 19 September 2003 11:37 am, Carol Spears wrote:

sorry about the list silence.


i was looking at your web site. my goodness, i was impressed and

Well, thank you.:-)

could you tell about what the html there was doing? it worked very
nicely, and i don't have java or flash working here.

Ok, the url in question is:

what I use there is "dhtml", the buzz word for scripting a site with javascript (ecmascript), and CSS. The page in question is part of a presentation on the GPL I have made this year. I prepared it roughly in the form of slides, but of course I would not use MS powerpoint. Neither were I in a mood to use the OpenOffice counterpart. So I took my time to show them that plain HTML could also be used to make fancy sliding presentations.

well, i admit that i like javascript. what i don't like is listening to the legitmate gripes about it. i don't like silly use of it, like for simple navigation.

as a powerpoint emulator, now this is useful. i have tried to keep a fully function mozilla working, without a lot of extra third party plugins. i don't know how successful i was at this. having your page dance around without apt-getting weirdsly named software -- nice :)

i have such a list of things that i need to do. an "i am an html snob" site would be so cool though. i remember when i first looking into dhtml, i didn't find it easy to work with.

That was the result.

The background images were done using POV-Ray.

they are beautiful images. gimp images could dance as nicely as yours did.

is the "howto make slides from html" available?

thank you for the lovely samples and explaination :)





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