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> I received this, and, since it's probably meant for a larger
> forum, forwarded it to the gimp-user mailinglist,
> Subject: contribution.
> Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2003 23:54:05 -0300
>    I am to designer graphical and as using I can give my parcel of
>    contribution.
>     1. Gimp must offer in the program something that it manages of
>        shortcuts, where all the tools and the too much functions.
>     2. In the main menu of tools, if it must to pressing the one of them
>        with the right button fast option of shortcut.
>     3. Gimp must more have optimized menus, that do not take much space
>        of the screen and that they can be added to the too much menus.
>     4. Gimp must invest more in design of the tools and the proper
>        appearance of the Gimp, it as graphical program has that to have
>        an exemplary graphical interface.
>     5. The lack of shortcuts

I did not understand most of this, but it seems that this user missed
the fact that there are shortcuts for most operations and that these
shortcuts can be dynamically reassigned. Also, he/she perhaps wants to
try the latest development snapshot (1.3.20) since commenting on the
gimp-1.2 user interface doesn't make a lot of sense.

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