Hi all,

As any of you who have been following CVS know, we have been
working towards a 2.0 pre1 release for the end of this month, and
there are now very few blockers to that release left.

However, there are more blockers than are going to be done in the
next week. So we're going to have another release (1.3.21). This
should come out sometime during the next week. And the 2.0 pre1
release will be pushed back about 2 weeks, to (give or take) the
15th of October.

Just to keep ye up to date, the list of blockers for the 2.0
release (which is mostly a filled out list of the things
mentioned at camp), and their current status, is below.

Blockers for 2.0 prereleases:

Path tool:

1) moving of strokes/paths,            *DONE*
2) being able to connect two strokes,  *DONE*
3) dragging on curve segments,         *DONE*
4) libart stroking,                    Mostly done
5) im/export into files.               *DONE*

Text tool features missing:

1) GUI for text boxes                  Back-end done
2) Implementation of text transforms
3) Font list/selector improvements
4) Text outline                        Not a blocker

Help browser features missing:

1) Symbolic references for every core function          *DONE*
2) Mechanism for cross-referencing with 3rd party       *DONE*
3) Registering of documentation files with the core     *DONE*
   at startup, with references.

libgimp API changes missing:

1) libgck must die                      *RESOLVED*
2) Thumbnail API exposed                Neary done 
3) libgimpmisc API changes
4) gimp_dialog_new () 
5) 64 bit clean libgimp

All in all, on that list there are 2 or 3 worrying things that
might not be done in 2 weeks time, but most of them look like
they will be done by then.

We do need to clean up Bugzilla a little again. There are now 75
bugs with milestone --, it would be nice to get these sorted to
the right place before we hit pre-releases. 

There are also 159 bugs open against the 2.0 release (milestone 
1.3.x or 2.0). We need to start reducing this number now. So if 
you have a little spare time, please have a look at these bug 
reports, either to help close them or to reduce the amount of time 
needed to fix them.

Thanks for your time,

       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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