Jeff Trefftzs wrote:
On Thu, 2003-09-25 at 23:20, Zeke Lightwave wrote:

I'm trying to edit the 3D-Outline script so I can change the background to being something non-white, can anybody help me with this? I've looked at the source and tried changing the colors where it set's the bg/fg, but that didn't help . . TIA.

The right place to change things is in the line that looks like this:

(gimp-palette-set-background '(255 255 255))

near the beginning of the apply-3d-outline-logo-effect function.  It's
at line 43.

For a quick-n-dirty fix, simply enter the RGB values for the background
color you want;  for a better fix, you might want to add a background
color parameter that defaults to white.

<caveat> I haven't tested this -- just took a quick look at the code.


Tried that and it's still not working :-/

(gimp-selection-all img)
(gimp-patterns-set-pattern text-pattern)
(gimp-bucket-fill pattern PATTERN-BUCKET-FILL NORMAL 100 0 FALSE 0 0)
(plug-in-bump-map noninteractive img pattern layer2 110.0 45.0 4 0 0 0 0 TRUE FALSE 0)

    (set! pattern-mask (car (gimp-layer-create-mask pattern ALPHA-MASK)))
    (gimp-image-add-layer-mask img pattern pattern-mask)

    (gimp-selection-all img)
    (gimp-edit-copy layer3)
    (set! floating_sel (car (gimp-edit-paste pattern-mask 0)))
    (gimp-floating-sel-anchor floating_sel)

    (gimp-image-remove-layer-mask img pattern APPLY)
    (gimp-invert layer3)

I know it has to be somewhere in there where the problem is :-/

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