Is Bugzilla the best way to report enhancements as well for gimp 1.3?



David Neary wrote:

Hi all,

The next release in the development series of the GIMP, version
1.3.21, is now available for download from

or from one of the mirrors listed at

This is an extra unstable release before we officially go into
pre-release mode, because there are still some outstanding API changes
to make for plug-in authors which we would like to set in stone for the
2.x series.

This is the most stable development release we have had to date, and
there are also a few very nice features which have been added since the
last release. So tell your friends, get testing, and keep those bug
reports coming in to

Happy GIMPing,

Overview of Changes in GIMP 1.3.21
- Allow to save tool options as named presets [Mitch].
- Stroke paths using libart [Simon, Bolsh, Mitch, Sven, Ville]
- Better looking and more accessible dockables [Mitch]
- Fixes for right-to-left rendering [Sven, Mitch]
- Rewritten webbrowser plug-in [Brix]
- Much improved path tool [Simon, Mitch]
- Export GIMP paths to SVG [Sven, Simon]
- Import SVG paths as GIMP paths [Sven, Simon]
- Added SVG file plug-in from librsvg and improved it [Sven]
- Store new vectors in XCF [Simon, Mitch]
- Allow to toggle visibility of paths in path list [Mitch]
- Move tool now also moves paths [Mitch]
- Some progress towards gimp-console, a gtk-less GIMP for batch mode [Mitch]
- Improved Decompose/Compose plug-ins [Alexey Dyachenko, Sven]
- More SIMD compositing code [Helvetix]
- Right mouse buttons now also cancels paint operations [Mitch]
- More internal code cleanup and documentation [Mitch, Sven]
- Documented libgimpmath [DindinX]
- Lots of bug fixes

Other contributors: Adam D. Moss, Dom Lachowicz, Manish Singh, Jakub Steiner,
Christian Neumair, Seth Burgess, Maurits Rijk, David Necas,
Tor Lillqvist, Ville P├Ątsi

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