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Congratulations -- you have won the 2003 Linux Journal Readers' Choice

This year over 7,500 readers visited the Linux Journal web site and
voted on their favorites in 28 categories. Voting took place between
June 30 and July 25, 2003, and was open to everyone.

For complete details, see the attached press release, or visit:

The winners will be featured in the November 2003 (#115) issue of Linux
Journal, which will be mailed out shortly.

Please just let me know if you have any questions or if there is
anything else I can do for you.

Best Regards,
Rebecca Cassity
Director of Marketing
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   <title>Linux Journal Announces Winners of Ninth Annual Readers' Choice Awards
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<h1><i>Linux Journal</i> Announces Winners of Ninth Annual<br>
Readers' Choice Awards</h1></td>
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<b>SEATTLE, WA</b> -- <i>Linux Journal</i>, a publication of Specialized
Systems Consultants, Inc. (SSC), has announced the winners of the 2003
Readers' Choice Awards. Over 7,500 readers visited
the <i>Linux Journal</i> web site and voted on their top choices in 28
categories. For more information on the winners please see the feature
article in the November issue of <i>Linux Journal</i> (#115).
<li>Favorite Audio Tool: XMMS 
<li>Favorite Backup Utility: TAR 
<li>Most Indispensable Linux Book: <i>LINUX IN A NUTSHELL</i> 3RD ED., by ELLEN 
<li>Favorite Web Browser: MOZILLA 
<li>Favorite Linux Journal Column: COOKING WITH LINUX 
<li>Favorite Database: MYSQL 
<li>Favorite Desktop Workstation: HOMEMADE 
<li>Favorite Distributed File-Sharing System: GNUTELLA 
<li>Favorite Distribution: DEBIAN 
<li>Favorite Programming Beverage: COFFEE 
<li>Favorite E-mail Client: EVOLUTION 
<li>Favorite Embedded Distribution: QTOPIA 
<li>Favorite Linux Game: <i>FROZEN BUBBLE</i> 
<li>Favorite Graphics Program: THE GIMP 
<li>Favorite Instant-Messaging Client: GAIM 
<li>Favorite Programming Language: C++ 
<li>Favorite Office Program: OPENOFFICE.ORG 
<li>Favorite Processor Architecture: AMD ATHLON 
<li>Favorite Portable Workstation: QLI 15" AMD NOTEBOOKS 
<li>Favorite Network or Server Appliance: CYCLADES ALTERPATH ACS 
<li>Favorite Server: SGI ALTIX 3000 
<li>Favorite System Administration Tool: WEBMIN 
<li>Favorite Text Editor: VIM 
<li>Favorite Development Tool: GCC 
<li>Favorite Linux Training: SUSE LINUX TRAINING 
<li>Favorite Linux Web Site: SLASHDOT 
<li>Favorite Web-Hosting Service: RACKSPACE 
<li>Favorite Desktop Environment: KDE 
<i>Linux Journal</i>'s annual Readers' Choice Awards allow members of
the Linux community to pick their favorites in a number of categories, 
write-ins are accepted. Voting in the 2003 Readers' Choice Awards took
place between June 30 and July 25, 2003, and was open to everyone. More
information about the awards is also available in the November issue of
Journal</i>, #115.
<b>About <i>Linux Journal</i></b>
<br><i>Linux Journal</i> is the premier Linux magazine, dedicated to serving
the Linux community and promoting the use of Linux world-wide. A monthly
periodical, <i>Linux Journal</i> is currently celebrating its ninth year
of publication. <i>Linux Journal</i> may be purchased at all major bookstores
and newsstands and may also be ordered by calling 1-888-66-LINUX, sending
e-mail to <a href="MAILTO:[EMAIL PROTECTED]">[EMAIL PROTECTED]</a> or visiting <a 
href=""; target="blank"></a>.
For additional information about <i>Linux Journal</i> send e-mail to <a 
<p><b>About the Publisher</b>
<br>SSC Publications is an established leader in the Linux, Open Source
and UNIX fields, publishing best-selling books, reference cards and e-zines
in these fields since 1983. SSC is headquartered in Seattle, Washington
and has been operating since 1968. Visit SSC on the web at <a 
href=""; target="blank"></a>.
Relations Contact:</i>
<blockquote><i>Rebecca Cassity, Marketing Manager</i>
<br><i>Specialized Systems Consultants, Inc. (SSC)</i>
<br><i>PO Box 55549, Seattle, WA 98155</i>
<br><i>Phone: +1 206-297-8653 / Fax: +1 206-782-7191</i>
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<font size=-1>Copyright © 2003 Specialized Systems Consultants, Inc.</font>

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